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Clitoris story ticklish

Sex photo Clitoris story ticklish.

The largest clips store online. Thank you to all of our Patrons! Link your site to the TMF. Tickling videos on demand! The TMF is sponsored by: Results 1 to 13 of Join Date Jun Posts My whole body was aching so all I could do was sit at home and put another entry in my diary before my husband got home. I wrote another tickling fantasy in there because I never did have the courage to tell my husband that when I even saw tickling on tv or another person being tickled it gave me chills down my spine.

I just could not tell him because I think he would think I was nuts or sick or something. I put the diary in the droor as I heard Clitoris story ticklish husband Clitoris story ticklish in downstairs. I was not only in pain and exhausted but rather aroused from the fantasy I wrote.

I am ticklish all over but my main fantasy is to be restrained on a bed naked and blindfolded and tickled all over with the clitoris being last.

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I had wrote this several times in my diary and at times I had even had tickling dreams where I would wake up from orgasming during the dream. I see my husband come him and he gives me a great big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I have Clitoris story ticklish you run around doing errands all week long and how stressed out you Clitoris story ticklish been that I wanted to do something special for you tonight, something nice and romantic.

We had candlelight and he kept telling me all throughout dinner how he was thinking about tonight all week long and how he was going to thank me for being so wonderful to him.

After giving me a kiss on the cheek he removed my shoes and socks and kissed my feet. I almost Clitoris story ticklish "Its ok, I just want to help you feel good tonight ok? He then led me upstairs and told me to lay down on the bed and close my eyes which I did. He started to slowly remove my hose and slide my underwear off nice and slow. I kept getting goosebumps as his hands touched my bare legs. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse and slide my bra off me slowly as I just lay there with my eyes closed.

I felt something soft go over me and then something went around my ankles, he tied both my feet to the bed with white silk scarves then did the same thing to my arms to the headposts.

I began to feel nervous because he had never tied me up before and was worried he was going to spank me or something. After I laid there naked for a few seconds he blindfolded me and whispered softly in my ear "Don't worry I am only doing this because tonight your going to have your body pampered and admired".

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I began relaxing a little bit and laid there waiting until I felt my shoulders and Clitoris story ticklish being kissed "Now that I have you at my mercy I have a confession to make I read your diary. The only things I had put in my diary were sexual fantasies and pretty much the only sexual fantasies I had in my diary involved being tied down and tickled until I could not breath.

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I did not have time to think I felt something soft touch the soles of my feet slowly stroking them "Like the feather my love" He whispered as I began to laugh my head off. He would then run every feather in between each of my toes and all I could was laugh, I could not even breath.

I squirmed all I could but he would only tighten the rope and stretch me out so I could move even less. I began feeling the feather go up from my feet and all over my bare legs.

I jumped up and screamed but this time something strange was happpening, Clitoris story ticklish nipples were beginning to harden.

This was torture because now not only could he see me laughing my head off but being unable to hide the fact that I am enjoying it. The feather moved up slowly and every inch made my leg muscles contract more and more until the feather touched my inner thighs. I felt circles Clitoris story ticklish made almost inches away from my womanhood and all I could do was lay there and laugh.

I felt the feather then move all the way up near my ribs tickling me and stroking me. All I could do now was laugh until my stomach burned from tension. I began to feel Clitoris story ticklish warm feeling between my legs, my vaginal lips began to contract as I felt two feathes stroking my sides up and down.

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Softly and seductively the feathers began teasing me all over my breasts, slowly circling my nipples but not quite touching them. The feather kept moving near and then away making my nipples harder and harder. Now in addition to a warm feeling between my legs I could not feel a slow wetness building up. I was no longer laughing I was moaning and lost in the sensations of my husband carressing me with the feather.

As the feather touched my collarbone the shoulders immediately came up only to have my husband breath in my ear and suck on my earlobe. I let out a loud "Hmmmmmmmmmm!!! I could feel something cold put down there, it only took me a few seconds to realize he was shaving me. After a few minutes all the hair was off and I felt more exited than ever before. The soft feather began slowly carressing me between the lips, going up and down teasing me as I moaned and writhed in Clitoris story ticklish.

I Clitoris story ticklish felt something that made me want to fly through the ceiling, he was tickling my clitoris. I could feel the soft brush caress all over the clitoris as I moaned. I would scream at the tops of my lungs and move back and forth as the feather slowly stroked me there making my whole womanhood burn with desire.

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I slowly began to feel a wetness softly going down my thigh I wanted so badly to hold it in but no more all I could do was surrennder to the tormenting brush. I felt him move under my clitoris teasing it making me feel warm wet juices go down my legs. I was laughing now and I was also loosing my sanity. Tears kept streaming down my face but he would not Clitoris story ticklish tickling me, making my clitoris suffer as the blood began to flow to it.

More and more it became congested with blood as it became more and more stimulated.

The tension in my clitoris became unbearable and soon I elt an explosion between my legs. He took off my blindfold and I watched as he looked at me and smiled telling me he loved me as my inner thighs were now soaking wet.

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I was exhausted and could only react to what was being done to me as i lay back and closed my eyes. I felt his hands caress my inner thighs tickling them but then I heard something that sounded like ice in a glass being shaken. I opened my eyes for an instant and saw that he was putting ice cubes in his mouth and spread my lips part again. I began to feel the burning fire in my womanhood go nuts as I knew he was kissing my clitoris letting the ice melt over it and Clitoris story ticklish and sensually tickling me on my sides.

After ten Clitoris story ticklish of this he untied me and held me close. I love you too much". WIth that he held me and carried me in to a nice bubble bath and we washed eachother off.

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Join Date Aug Posts What a great story, wish I could find a nice lady of my own to tickle and care for! I'm looking for a woman like that too. I'll keep an eye out for your name for Clitoris story ticklish stories you may write.

(This story is very explicit....

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