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By Lee Gruenfeld Monday, 23 July As a straightforward fact-checker, Snopes.

He is insistent on approaching each of his topics with a completely open mind and following the facts wherever they might lead. The centerpieces of Skeptoid are its weekly podcasts. Running sincethere are now over episodes, all of which are Newsmax snopes on the site, in either streamable or transcription form, with complete source references for each.

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In each of these podcasts, the Newsmax snopes Dunning Newsmax snopes and expertly dissects each of his topics with methodological rigor, precision, and a great deal of wry humor, without ever ranting or allowing any political bias to creep in.

Along the way, he manages to skewer not only deeply-held popular beliefs but deeply-loved public figures.

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Utterly unafraid to confront nonsense, stupidity and shameless guile head-on, he has taken on the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow for selling to women products that are not only absurd but potentially harmful, like rocks to be inserted vaginally for all kinds of purported Newsmax snopes demonstrably ridiculous health benefitsBill Maher for promulgating his unsubstantiated belief that Big Pharma wants to keep everyone sick by prescribing drugsJenny McCarthy for her extremely harmful anti-vaccine activism and, Newsmax snopes of all horrors, Oprah Winfrey, arguably the most influential woman in the world, Newsmax snopes irresponsibly abuses her power by promoting quack diets, paranormalism, unproven alternative therapies and any number of other insufficiently vetted assertions.

Dunning has also poked holes in some things I thought were valid, like the language skills of apes. How could that be?

In the last three months,...

I also knew that, in that scene, Koko signed that she loved Rogers. But, Dunning Newsmax snopes put me wise to what was really going on, I was vigilant for trickery and clearly Newsmax snopes that Koko was simply aping sorry the sign made by her trainer, with no evidence whatsoever that she Koko had any idea what it meant.

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Thus am I forever disabused of Newsmax snopes cherished canard, among others. After metaphorically rolling his eyes at the notion that number stations might be sending coded messages to spies, he came back in a later episode to admit that — what do you know?

Skeptoid is occasionally accused of a right-leaning political bias, while Snopes. Therefore, anyone who shoots Newsmax snopes in the foundations of widely-disseminated rumors involving liberal politicians is going to look like a lefty, while anyone who dismantles cherished beliefs in things like homeopathy and cleansing diets is going to get accused of being in the pockets of Big Pharma.

Skeptoid accepts no funding from any entity that could sully its reputation or objectivity, and is therefore dependent on listener support. Lee Gruenfeld Newsmax snopes a managing partner of Cholawsky and Gruenfeld Advisory, as well as a principal with the TechPar Group in New York, a boutique consulting firm consisting exclusively of former C-level executives and "Big Four" partners.

He was vice president of strategic initiatives for Support. Lee is also the award-winning author of fourteen critically-acclaimed, best-selling works of fiction and non-fiction.

For more of his reports — Click Newsmax snopes Now.

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As everyone who still believes that facts matter probably knows by now, one of the most important, if not the most important, sites Newsmax snopes the Internet is Snopes.

Every responsible organization that has dug into Snopes.

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