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She represents Amu's desire to be more honest and athletic. Her fellow Guardian Characters are: Her pink hair is tied into a side ponytail with a red heart-shaped hair clip.

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Over her cheerleading outfit, Ran wears a red bandana. She appears to be wearing round, puffy-type shorts under her skirt.

Amu Hinamori

She tends to carry her cheerleading pom-poms with hearts on them everywhere, even when sleeping in her egg, and is rarely seen without them. Ran is almost always cheerful and encouraging and rarely depressed, but since she doesn't have many abilities beyond her athletic skills, she is mostly seen cheering for her friends instead of helping.

She sometimes uses random english like "yay! She is also honest, as seen in her first character change with Amu.

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A very energetic and peppy character, she cannot seem to stay still for a long time. Ran's egg is red and pink plaid with a black stripe in the middle of the egg.

Inside the stripe there are multiple light pink hearts.

Ran's Character Change changes Amu's cross-shaped hairclip into that of a red heart and her athletic abilities are increased to superhuman levels as seen with her jumping extremely high in the air.

Amu also becomes energetic and more honest Ran's first character change made her confess her love to Tadase Hotori and tends to act outgoing.

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However, the most used ability is the wings that can be generated on her ankles and wrists to make her fly. This Character Transformation is first shown in episode 1 of the anime and chapter 5 of the manga.

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