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The summer after I graduated high school, I was constantly on Pinterest looking for college-related tips and tricks. I especially wanted to know what it would be like to be a Christian at college as I knew it was common for people to leave their faiths behind once A christian girls guide to hookup moved away from home. The fear of the unknown was strong for me. If you just graduated high school, I want to save you some of the stress I experienced that summer.

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A few months ago, I asked those in the Joy Because Grace community to share with me any questions they had about college. Then, I went to the girls in my Christian college bloggers Facebook group and asked them to answer those questions. I know your answers are going to be a huge help to someone: I definitely recommend you do so if you would like to read more awesomeness written by these ladies!

Before I found my place in a Christian community, it was kind of isolating and hard to look past all the parties and alcohol and find Jesus in the midst of it all. I think finding that community really helped keep me grounded in my faith.

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College A christian girls guide to hookup a great opportunity to make your faith your own. Having some strong Christian women around me has definitely encouraged me to continue pursuing my relationship with the Lord rather than just letting it sit stagnantly. I wanted to be a teacher, and my school has one of the top education programs in the country.

Plus when I visited, I fell in love with the campus! I had narrowed it down to two colleges I really liked and then prayed about it a A christian girls guide to hookup and talked to my parents about it, as well as some people who went to those schools.

All of that helped me decide on a school. My school is really medium-sized about 16, studentsbut I felt that a smaller community created by being in the Honors College and by being in a strong campus ministry, allowed me to find my place pretty easily once starting at my University.

If your college has this, I highly recommend it. It was nice to know everyone surrounding you was in the same boat and to adjust a bit before everyone else got to campus the next week. My pot-luck roommate and I met up a few times the summer before freshman year once we knew who we were living with and it really helped to know her a bit before living with her.

Over time, I became closer to a smaller group of people and began to invest my time with them and narrow down my social group.

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Starting out big was the key for me, and helped me to find some of my closest friends that supported me all throughout college and now graduate school! I made a huge effort to find all of the community that I could. I joined and visited any clubs that seemed remotely interesting to me. I got involved in student council, which eventually sparked my passion for graphic design. I got into student council, religious clubs, a college youth program at a local church, and more.

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I also got a stellar planner. It helped me organize everything that I was involved in and keep control of everything in my life.

If you want to make sure you meet Christian friends, go to church, find a bible study, whatever your area offers. If you want to meet people with similar interests as you, attend a club for that on campus! The most important thing is to put yourself out there.

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I was looking for a new roommate after my first semester and I randomly asked a girl that I sat with in class, and she knew someone next door to her that needed a roommate too!

That group of girls became my very best friends. Invite people to go grocery shopping with you. Invite people to sit with you in the cafeteria.

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You never know who will be your next friend. My advice is to know that not everyone you meet is going to be your bestie. Seek out people whose company you enjoy, not just people who you think you should be friends with. Seriously, introduce yourself to people who are alone in the line at the dining hall.

Find organizations that sound interesting to you and actually go to a meeting and talk to them about it.

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Second, I got to do amazing and fun things with my club at school! Once I found my community and friends amongst other Christians in college, my life became so much more fun. Also, some campuses bring puppies during finals week. We had plenty of movie nights, game nights, food runs, and more. It mostly depends on who you hang out with.

But if you find good friends to have clean fun with, college is a blast! Your idea of fun could be exploring local coffee shops, visiting museums, or going to new places in the city. My school A christian girls guide to hookup a very strong culture of partying, hookups, and drinking, so A christian girls guide to hookup that was awkward.

But you can find friends who want to do the same things as you, or go to smaller parties and have fun even if you choose not to drink or anything. Some of my favorite college memories include baking cookies with my friends, going bowling, renting out paddle boards, heading to the beach, coffee shop study dates, movie nights with popcorn, Bible studies, and crafting with my roomies. We can be an example to others of true freedom through wholesome fun.

Go fall in love with your studies and your friends and the place where you are instead. Most people are focused on having fun and not finding a serious, marriage-headed relationship. The college dating scene is kind of discouraging because so many people are settling for relationships with little to no standards. This will keep you from getting into situations you may be uncomfortable with.

College is a great time to meet and date new people, but you have to be careful who you surround yourself with.

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I met my now husband my freshman year and we dated throughout college. College is a place where we can join clubs, sports, and other groups related to our individual interests, and we can meet other people who are into the same things that we A christian girls guide to hookup. There is really no other time in life where we have this much social opportunity and freedom.

Within that, prudence in decision-making is SO important. I met my now-fiance through my campus ministry, and am so grateful for that connection every single day! I choose a cheaper school, worked hard to get scholarships and worked through school to avoid taking out any loans.

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