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Mens anal sweet spots

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The easiest way to stimulate...

Its always a pleasure to hear from folks about our book and how much they've enjoyed reading it. Here are Mens anal sweet spots of the highlights from our Amazon page. I often get asked whether anal penetration is the only way to do prostate massage. You might be surprised to hear that the answer is no.

You can do lots of fun prostate play by massaging the perineum, which is the area between the balls and the anus. The prostate is a few inches above the perineum, so the sensations from a firm massage get transmitted through the muscles and other tissues in between, into the prostate. Massaging the Mens anal sweet spots spot is more likely to feel good on your prostate if your penis is erect since the firmer tissue will transmit sensation more deeply.

Finding the right point can take a little exploration. Put one or two fingertips right behind the scrotum and push in firmly. Hold for a few seconds before releasing, and then try a spot a little further towards the anus.

For most men, the sweet spot is closer to the anus than the balls, but it can vary. Try doing long presses with your fingertips, or hold deep pressure and vibrate your fingers quickly.