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How to avoid dating a married man

Nude gallery How to avoid dating a married man.

It's Almost Always a Hurtful Affair.

married men can be a...

Why Go After a Married Man? Griffith also identifies poor self-esteem and a fear of commitment as characteristics common to women who choose married men. Discover your motivation and work on your inner issues so an available man is more appealing to you than the unavailable married man.

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If he has kids, they are likely to resent you because you broke up their home, and his wife is not likely to welcome you with open arms and a loving smile. You are doomed to live with the consequences of the affair if you marry him, and your reputation with family, friends and co-workers could suffer.

A realistic look at your future could suddenly look far less rosy and attractive.

Examine Reality

Your outlook and self-esteem could take a more positive turn if you take a realistic look at what you have to offer a life partner. Be clear about the information you discover about yourself and include parts of that information in a profile on a dating site, specifying that you seek only single men.

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