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I just broke up with my ex

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So, your ex started dating someone new after the two of you broke up. Watching your ex date someone new can be devastating. It was probably easy to let yourself get caught up in obsessive thoughts about his new relationship.

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It can be a crushing weight the idea of someone you care about being happy with someone else. You pray every day that something catastrophic will happen and that they will break up.

You pray with all of your heart and all of your soul. But then it happens. Your heart jumps into your throat and your mind is racing. You suddenly need your phone with you every minute of the day just in case he texts. You start daydreaming about getting back together. You kind of have it in your head that your ex is going to come running back to you.

Everyone thinks that way. Your relationship ended for I just broke up with my ex reason.

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Do not assume that the failure of his new relationship means that the issues that caused the two of you to split up just disappear. Could he have realized that you were everything he could have ever wanted? There are a few things you consider before you make moves to get your ex back.

So, keeping that in mind, this is what we are going to cover today.

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I know you know that. Generally, it manifests in your ex spending a lot of time out with his single friends, drinking and living the life of a bachelor.

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Yes, that means he will be thinking about one thing… getting back on the horse. If that was to vague let me put it another way. This is because, despite enjoying being single, his ego has taken a blow and he needs to know that women still find him sexually attractive. I say this because you should be wary of He could be using the fact that I just broke up with my ex still have feelings for him to soothe his ego.

During this time he will realize that being single has its downsides. He may consider getting back with her or even getting back with you.

Unfortunately, this is a period that he is going to have to work through on his own.

You are just going to have to wait until he is in a stable enough place before trying to get him back. It allows both of you to process your feelings after the breakup and allows you to fix anything you need to fix on your own before getting back into a relationship.

Here are a few articles and the book that will help you determine what you need to do before reaching out to your ex.

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AND every time you break No Contact, you are making yourself wait longer to get back together. It is essentially exactly what it sounds like. You simply Be there. Generally, in the book, we reference Being There when your ex is seeing someone else. It is an excellent way to inactively drive a wedge between him and the Other Woman. Well, you have to maintain the illusion that you are completely fine with simply being there for him.

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You cannot push your agenda of getting back together. In the wake of a breakup with I just broke up with my ex Other Woman, you have to have that same hold over your emotions. The upside in using The Being There Method after he and this new girl have broken up is that he is single! Just be careful not to become an emotional crutch. Otherwise, he will only need you while he is upset and set you aside once he is feeling better. Keep in mind that you will have to modify it slightly to account for the fact that he has already broken up with the Other Woman.

It is possible that this Other Woman was a rebound in the first place, in which case your ex should be more susceptible to these tactics. While you are Being There, continue to work on yourself. This is truly I just broke up with my ex key to getting your ex back. Develop your health, wealth and relationships. Doing this will cause your ex to pay attention to you and will help you to feel your own worth and be happier on your own. The keys to a first text are timing and content.

You want to send the text at a time when you know your ex is going to respond. For example, after he gets home from work. Once you have picked the perfect time, you want to come up with good content. Generally, you want to say something that gets him curious as a good way to start. You get the point. The trick is to make sure that whatever story you have come up with interests him, not you.

If he is into football, then that would be a good topic to focus on. After you send your reach out text be patient and wait to see how he responds.

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If he responds in a positive manner then engage briefly and end the conversation abruptly at a high point. Ending on a high note means to wait until the conversation has a good back and forth, then come up with an excuse to end it. We can talk again soon. Doing this will make him think of you fondly until you speak again.

In fact, it will make him WANT to speak to you again without knowing what makes him want to. If you get no response or a negative response then wait a couple of weeks and then try reaching out again- he may just need more time.

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