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Explore board "Mixit" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Clothing, Accessories and Aesthetic outfit. I have two entries on the director Wayne Wang on my American Pop blog. One is called The Saga of Wayne Wang and will probably inaugurate a whole series of reviews if not a full-on retrospective of his work to date on my movie blog.

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An Interview with Wayne Wang. I was playing with WordPress this morning and thought I'd repost my longer blog entries on movies into a new site. The category page was getting here unwieldy to load anyhow. I won't be editing any of them regardless of how wrong they might sound to me nowjust reposting them as I go.

It's interesting to see that, in the 11 years or so I've been blogging, my writing has actually changed -- for the better, I think. Whether it's an improvement in style debatablean acquisition of both writing and cinematic vocabularies, or a genuine attempt in taking the stuff more seriously, it's a reflection of an ongoing, immersive, giddy education in consuming movies.

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Or, perhaps more aptly, being consumed by them. I can't think of any other art form that has given me as much pleasure. It should be clear that this cinematic "education" http: And I should add that despite the mention of Tarkovsky and Kubrick -- and that screen capture from Last Year in Marienbadwhich will change from time to time -- I'll still be mostly writing Astronaut Hookup Tayo Chords And Lyrics flicks you can find at your local multiplex.

An excerpt from the piece is reproduced in a sidebar, and it should be self-explanatory. However, I've actually taken it a bit out of context. Astronaut Hookup Tayo Chords And Lyrics It may be best not to reproduce the succeeding paragraphs as they're probably a little too revealing -- not of Lethem, but of myself. You can find it in anthologized in Lethem's essay collection The Disappointment Artistbut he Astronaut hookup tayo tj monteverde pictures the passage I quote.

Please add me to your feedreader, link to me on your blogroll, tell friends, and most of all: Now that there ain't large metanarratives, all we're left with is Harvey Dent I haven't responded yet to Gladys' comments, on female identification and Wanted -- it's over at my American Pop entry -- but more food for thought: I can hear your answer already, though: Almost five hours of movies Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 2: I tried keeping this under words, but no dice: As great as Hellboy 2 was, The Dark Knight blows the summer movie lineup out of the water.

Easily one of the best films I've seen this year.