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First time hookup tips for guys

Sexy Photo First time hookup tips for guys.

About to experience a hookup for the very first time? You're in for a hell of a night! Feeling nervous is totally normal, but it doesn't need to be a stressful experience.

In fact, it shouldn't be stressful, and the more you stress about your upcoming hookup, the less you're going to enjoy it. Don't worry though, we're about to tell you exactly how to handle a first-time hookup.

By the time you've finished this, you're going to feel ready for what's coming, and totally prepared to have a great night of casual sex! Hookups are meant to be fun and breezy, so let yourself have fun with it.

Below are 10 hookup tips...

You don't have to worry First time hookup tips for guys any of the drama that comes with dating, all you have to worry about it being good in bed, and hooking up whenever you want to get laid! Casual sex is fun, but if it's your first time getting into hookup culture, it can seem a little bit scary. It's really not, but you're about to find that out for yourself, and what to do to keep it together and enjoy your first hookup!

Hookups are all about casual sex, so don't get caught up in any drama, or try to act like it's anything more. You don't want to be contacting your hookup outside of hookup times, because that's getting dangerously close to dating territory.

You only want to message them about sex, and vice versa, so keeping it casual and only hitting them up when you're in the mood is key. You don't need to get anything else from them, and you don't want to expect anything from them either, so keep your contact with them on the sexy side. You want to keep it casual with yourself too, which we'll get into more later, but basically, don't stress.

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