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Black women over 40

18+ Galleries Black women over 40.

Below are 20 fabulous and fierce hairstyles for black women over 40 that are sure to please and accommodate your needs and wants!

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This pixie is extremely easy to create. When sporting this look, I guarantee you will feel like a rock star. I recommend using large velcro rollers, a large paddle brush, a hooded dryer and your favorite hairspray. I recommend a flexible holding hair spray and a heat protector spray, cream or lotion on hair prior to applying heat. Oh yes, the classic bob cut; everyone was rocking this bob in the 80s. The classic layered bob is so beautiful on its own, but adding color to this bob allows it to pop with colors and layers.

Hollywood curls can be seen on almost every celebrity of every ethnicity. They are soft, large and voluminous, and will make any women look and feel like a goddess. Side-swept bangs and curls have swept the nation. Everyone is wearing this glamorous look, including the first lady.

This bob is definitely something that needs to Black women over 40 seen by the world. I need this cut.

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I recommend using the following items for the best, most long lasting results: This hairstyle is easy and fun to create and it goes with just about any outfit.

Follow the steps below to create this look. This style is so fun and playful.

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With this hairstyle, you will never have to worry about having another bad hair day again. More and more women of color are electing to wear their natural hair.

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Hairstyles like this one are becoming more and more popular. This hairstyle is perfect for women with long hair that want to go short Black women over 40 the first time. I love this bob with all my heart. I might as well have been born with it! There are number of styling tools that you can use to create this fabulous look: This hairstyle is one of the classics for sure.

You are going to love how easy it to Black women over 40 this very same look for yourself. The Pixie Cut This pixie is extremely easy to create. Apply a quarter-sized amount of wax or pomade to hair.

Using your fingers, comb the sides, back and a small portion of the top front section of your hair downwards. Spread your fingers slightly apart and run them through your hair while gently grabbing and lifting the top portion of hair—your fingers are being used to create height and volume.

Once desired top height has been achieved, finish the look off by applying a root-lifter hairspray to the roots of the hair; this will secure the height of the pixie.

Use your favorite wax or pomade and a Root-lifter Hairspray. Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This style suits heart, diamond, oval and long face shapes. This style works best on un-cleansed hair.

The Slanted Bob The slanted bob is easy to care for and looks great on women of any age. Cleanse, condition and towel-dry hair.

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Do not blow-dry; hair must be damp during the roller setting process Part hair into four sections from forehead to nape, ear to ear ; use hairclips to lock hair securely in place. Select a section of hair to work with. Once a section of hair has been selected, release the hairclip from the section; draw a medium amount of hair from the section using a fishtail comb, then re-clip the hairclip. Using a large Velcro roller wrap the end of the section Black women over 40 hair and twist roller securely in place.

Allow roller-set hair to air dry completely. If a hooded dryer is accessible, this also can be utilized for faster drying results.

19. The Slanted Bob

If using a hooded dryer, it should be set at a medium to high temperature for minutes, depending on thickness of hair. Once hair has fully dried, remove rollers and brush curls downwards using a large paddle brush—brushing curls downwards allows curls to be replaced by volume and dimension.

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Part hair on one side from forehead to middle of headthen brush hair located in back of head to one side using paddle brush; this will create an illusion of an angled asymmetrical bob.

Finish this look off by applying a flexible holding hairspray.

Suits heart, round and long shaped faces best. Long clip-on hair extensions can be added on one side of this bob.